Shehab has been taking photographs for over 20 years. Which started up as a hobby and has now flourished into filmmaking pushing his visual passions through the years.

Shehab Illyas has explored his penchants for the visual arts through photography since the 1990’s working on several commercial projects and gallery shows. He made the transition into screen production and editing in 2004. Having a background in music has given him a unique shooting and editing style with over 20 years of involvement in the music industry. Shehab is owner of Skylab Productions based in his hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia..

Shehab Illyas - Photographer


I started playing bass late in life, After being kicked out of my first band because there were too many guitarists, I convinced the group that they needed a bass player. Wanting to move away from school band life, I put down my saxophone and played my 4 string guitar till I bought a bass. My brother made me audition for his band and that band evolved into MIR which had a 13 year run with 5 studio albums, a record deal in Germany, and extensive touring. Asif and Shehab then started composing music for film and t.v. at The Shire. After a hiatus of playing live, I joined the Alan Doyle and the beautiful gypsies band in 2012 and have performing with him ever since.

Shehab Illyas - Musician




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